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July 9, 2020
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Rancho Cotate High School Achievement award for January

February 8, 2019

Individual teachers nominated students based not just on superior academic achievement, but marked improvement in academics, behavior, attendance and attitude. Students are‚Äč James Reagan, Eric Hupp, Sinay Carreno Altamirano, Nallely Farias, Julisha Martinez Carreno, Madison Monroe, Isaac Munger, Julie Phan, Jacob Jones, Jaime Garcia Perez, Jaden Phennicie, Alexis Nelson, Emalini Tukana, Alyiha Hernandez, Hunter Oo, Kylah Whitacre, Belle Erhmantraut, Gabriella Kasenda and Benjamin May.  Also pictured are ASB Morale Commissioner Kayli Sciacca and the Cougar mascot.  Photo by Jane Peleti