September 26, 2021
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RP has a new director of public safety

  • Photo by Robert Grant

By: Irene Hilsendager
January 11, 2019

Tim Mattos was born in Oroville, Ca., about a two and a half hour drive from the bay area in 1963. As a child he worked on a dairy farm that was owned by his grandfather and a great uncle. His father was a welder and taught him how to handle hard work. His first job being with a plumbing contractor, digging trenches and being on the long end of the shovel, it taught him patience, persistence and how to get ahead in life.

Along with his three younger sisters, the family packed up and moved into Biggs where he attended school. He recalls that social studies and geography were his favorite subjects throughout his early education. 

Tim attended college in Butte County where is wrestled and received a two-year scholarship to Long Beach State College. He didn’t receive a degree while in college as an injury prevented him from completing the stint. However, he did get an AA and in 2014 completed and received his Bachelor’s degree. 

While getting an education, he enjoyed sports. Football, baseball and track. His humor came through when he talked about the schools being small. He would run track and when it was announced it was time for baseball, he would run to the field and get into position until they called another sport and if it was track he would have to change positions and run again.

Mottos said he didn’t like school for the social part of it but more important to him was the academic part and of course his love of sports. He did receive some awards of which he is extremely proud such as the All-league football while playing defensive back, the All- league baseball award and receiving a two-year scholarship for wrestling. 

Tim still stays in contact with a few classmates, one friend in particular would watch paramedic shows and this intrigued Mattos as he did move up the ladder and went into an EMT program to receive a certificate. Right about then he really didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. He said “my mother and wife who are amazing and wonderful and talented, pushed him to be driven with a strong backbone and not to be satisfied with just a status quo.” Tim gives so much praise to his wife, Valerie and has been married for over 13 years and insists Val is responsible for he is now. Between Val and Tim, they have three children. Garrett is a mechanical engineer and son Dustin is a firefighter with Cal fire. And an apple of the eye is a daughter that attends a charter school in Vacaville. You can tell how proud he is a father that says she is a talented gymnast and an all-star cheer. He first said cheerleader but quickly changed it to cheer.

He is so proud of the family as each one is particular amazing and says his way of rearing children came from his father who had great work ethics. Tim said he saw how hard his parents had to work to make ends meet. He would never want to disappoint his parents and was so proud of what they always did. His ancestors came from the Azores and settled in the Manteca area and then purchased the dairy farm in Oroville. Tim recalls a saying that pertained to his father “You always know where you stand with Tony.” You could tell how proud he is of his father, being the honest hardworking person that passed the integrity to Tim.

Mattos said he had had to make hard choices in life; leaving school and having to put his scholarship on hold and after six and a half years having to leave Woodland and take on a new journey. 

Tim does have a dry humor and he quoted, “I think I have a great sense of humor and am hilarious, but my wife doesn’t think so.”

He doesn’t remember President John F Kennedy being murdered but it is always something he can pass onto to his family. He was born on the day Kennedy died. 

When asked if he had any family traditions for holidays. He said for the last 10 or 11 years the whole family goes to Sun River, Ore. during Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. This brings enjoyment and a much needed rest to the family.

Mattos said he only likes one author, does not really care for movies and is a country western music fan. 

How did Chief Mattos arrive in Rohnert Park? He said he was recruited a little and gives Val, his wife, credit for watching websites for new and better jobs. He has been in RP for a few days in between the holidays but has a permanent position now. He said the department is full of amazing people and has met most of them. The officers are always welcome to talk to him and discuss their jobs. Tim said “it is my job to give support, give tools of lessons learned that some things are never to happen again and the people of Rohnert Park don’t define who we are as an agency.” Right now there are 75 public safety officers with three daily working commanders and one acting commander, but as of Dec. 11, the Rohnert Park Council approved a restructuring of the Public Safety Department. The new structure will be as such: The director, Chief Mattos, two deputy chiefs, four Lieutenants and 12 sergeants, the commander positions will go away. By adding layers of supervision and oversight and adding lieutenants, they department should function much better. Promotions will start very soon. 

The chief said “My job can best be determined by doing a one on one with the officers every day and asking each are we doing a good job?” “My job right now is take this department from where it was to the next step.” We will start to recognize the officers more instead of just the once a year Rotary selection and remember what each office did for the good of the community.

When asked to give a comment about himself at the end of his career, he said “He would want everyone to say “Tell me about Tim and that he was a very sincere and an honest guy.” “I know I left this place a little better than before.” Tim just didn’t show up, he made the place a little better every day.”