October 20, 2021
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RP city benefits from American Rescue Plan

  • From left to right are Rohnert Park Public Safety Deputy Chief Aaron Johnson, Rohnert Park Council member Susan Hollingsworth Adams, Rohnert Park Council member Pam Stafford, California's 5th Congressional District Congressman Mike Thompson, Rohnert Park Mayor Gerard Giudice, Rohnert Park Vice Mayor Jackie Elward and Rohnert Park Public Safety Lieutenant/Battalion Chief Jeff Nicks. Congressman Thompson present the City of Rohnert Park with an American Rescue Plan Funding check for $8,148,583.00. The amount could increase by the time everything is said and done, but the check represented the amount currently available. Photo by Robert Grant

July 16, 2021

On Friday, July 9, Rep. Mike Thompson visited Rohnert Park to present a check with the state and local funding from the American Rescue Plan. This was the second round of relief money from the CARES act.

The American Rescue Plan allocated $350 billion to provide imperative support to state, local, tribal and territorial governments. These funds will help state and local government to keep first responders, health workers on the front line and other essential service providers o the job, roll out vaccinations and help to start rebuilding and supporting small businesses.

The State of California will receive $26.2 million with Sonoma County and its existing cities receiving $1,242.6 with the City of Cotati receiving $1,404,139 and Rohnert Park receiving 


The American Rescue Plan will include monies for both primary and secondary schools. Also, currency will come for rental, utility and mortgage payments assistance and grants for small business. Individual adults making less than $75,000 this will also provide $1,400 stimulus payments and couples with youngsters making under $150,000. The government will allocate another $1,200 per child to parents with dependent children.

The package will extend a $300-a-week federal unemployment payments and additional payment to cover the needs for children of jobless parties. Those supplementary payments may be extended to at least Sept.

This is the third relief package since the COVID-19 began but the first to send money directly to local governments in Sonoma County which missed out on previous disbursements due to the region not qualifying.

Rohnert Park Mayor Gerard Giudice said he was thinking about the small businesses owned and many of the Latino residents who bore the brunt of the devastation.  “If you are asking me where my heart goes in advance of starting these discussions. My heart goes to those communities, the disadvantaged communities in Rohnert Park,” said Giudice.