September 17, 2021
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RP 8U Blue All-Stars compete in Championship game of Regionals

By: Brittney Scardina
July 30, 2021

The Rohnert Park Cal Ripken baseball organization had three out of five age groups continue onto the regional tournaments. The 8U Blue All-Star team played in Utah, the 12/70 Blue All-Star team played in Bakersfield and the 11U Blue All-Star team played in Hanford.

The Rohnert Park Cal Ripken league President, Nick Neisius comments on how well the teams have done this year. Neisius states, “Anytime that our teams are able to advance past the State tournament into Regionals is a successful year.”

The 12/70 Blue All Stars and 11U Blue All Stars ended their season playing well at regionals.  Not only did the 8U Blue team compete in regionals, but they made it to the championship game of the tournament. 

The 8U Blue team did very well during the tournament pool play games that allowed them to reach single elimination, where they fought for a chance in the championship.

The 8U Blue team played Kingsburg from Central California in their first pool play game on Monday, July 19 and lost that game 10-9. 

In the second pool play game on Monday, July 19, the 8U Blue team played the host team from Utah and won 11-0. They then continued into the third pool play game against Richfield, Southern Utah, and won 13-4 on Wednesday, July 21.

On Thursday, July 22, the 8U Blue team moved into single-elimination games and beat Heartwell from Southern California 16-5. After winning the first round of single elimination, the 8U Blue team played a team from Scottsdale, Arizona, and won 5-0, leading them right into the championship game.

On Friday, July 23, during the championship game, the 8U Blue team played the same team they first saw in pool play, Kingsburg from Central California. The final score of this game was 6-3, Kingsburg taking the lead. The RP team did not win the championship game, but to see the boys make it all the way to the championship in regionals is a moment for Rohnert Park to be proud.  

The 8U Blue team manager, Travis Wakefield, comments on how it was a good experience for his team to play outside of California. Wakefield said, “The kids played well. The weather was hot and different, including thunderstorms and partly raining. Overall, it was a good experience for the boys.”

When asked how the season went overall for the 8U Blue team, Wakefield mentions how hard the boys worked. Wakefield said, “The boys played hard, and they played well. They all learned a lot and grew within the last couple of months doing All-Stars.”

The Rohnert Park Cal Ripken All-Star teams are now done playing for the season, but Rohnert Park will look forward to how the boys will continue to compete and work hard next year.