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August 10, 2020
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RCHS awards for Kindness the month of October

October 19, 2018

Eighteen Rancho Cotate high school students were awarded Student of the Month in recognition of Kindness for the month of October.  They all received certificates for their achievements. Individual teachers nominated students based not just on superior academic achievement, but marked improvement in academics, behavior, attendance, and attitude. RCHS Students of the month include: Alejandro Solorio, Carlos Perez Pacheco, Christian Olmedo, Crystal Vasquez Escutia, David De Los Santos Garcia, Dominic Perez (ElCo), Evan Crow, Jessica Seibold, Jorden Isenberg, Josh Khiobouakham, Julisha Martinez Carreno, Kamron Johnson, Lilo Voss, Maria Naiga, Olivia Case, Ramiro Oledo, Rasheed Rankin and Veronica Saucedo Mendoza. Also pictured are ASB Morale Commissioners, Kayli Sciacca and Morris Brice.

Jane Peleti