September 27, 2020
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Point West flower mart now open to public

  • Christina Hancock and Tina Chiotti-Stewart, co-owners of the Point West flower mart. Photos from Point West

By: Irene Hilsendager
August 14, 2020

In the year of 2000, a family from Sonoma County moved to Las Vegas. Mom Mary, dad John along with daughter Christina and a special friend Tina all went into the floral business in the City of Lights or more commonly known as “Sin City.” It was always the Hancocks’ dream to be in the flora commerce and therefore worked in retail and wholesale among the beautiful blossoms.

After a long and arduous ten years, three women and one veteran moved back to Sonoma County.

After eight years of looking for the proper parcel or space to make things happen and looking for the right partnership and funding, a large space was found in the Gateway Business Center at 150 Professional Center Dr., Suite B in Rohnert Park, 7 am - 3 pm daily.. The Hancocks were now set to start their own wholesale flower mart.

Working in tandem and putting in long hours, the mart was ready to open. Happenstance or lady luck didn’t happen just then. The day before the grand opening, the Tubbs fire shot their aspiration down. They had to evacuate and try to save some of their inventory. The Hancocks did the best they could and again with hard work and determination the opening day would soon be here. Again, it didn’t occur. The day before and being ready to open the big revealing, the Kincade fire started to head south and again the bewildered family had to try and save inventory.

Forthcoming to reopen for the third time, COVID-19 shut everything down.

Christina gave a flora lesson during the interview and with her knowledge it was very interesting. A wholesale flower market is almost priceless. Flowers are touched by at least 100 hands before they come as a bouquet on your table. Costs are being driven sky high due to real estate, water and labor. But all those hands love and have a passion into generating those flowers.

Christina mentioned that Point West mart is almost centrally located for Sonoma County and it makes it easy for florists to visit the Rohnert Park site and pick up their merchandise.

Most of the flowers that Point West has are locally grown in Sebastopol, Kenwood, Petaluma as well as all of California however the biggest and best roses are imported from Ecuador.

Christina says, “most of the flowers have a shelf life of three days without proper care, mixed flowers fair better but mums destroy roses.” She says we are trying to educate the best we can but there is knowledge behind the scenes.

Did you know hydrangeas drink through their leaves? (Just another lesson).

The Hancocks’ first priority is to provide the best flowers and support for all florists, so their art-work shows the best greenery was purchased at Point West.

The flowers are kept in a 700 square foot 37-degree cooler with merchandise elbow to elbow in the chilly room. Another feature Point West has is Encore Events Rentals being a full-service event rental company with three locations serving as experts in the Wine Country and the greater Bay Area. Encore events rentals do weddings to corporate parties, winery events to casual BBQs. You may go into Point West and Encore rentals will show a range of unique products that serve to compliment creative designs.

As of July 13, Point West has been opened to serve you, the professional florists as well as the general public.

“We treat everyone like family,” says Christina. Honey Badger Coffee also serves hot coffee weekdays from 7 to 1 1 a.m. Stop by, have a cup of java and introduce yourself to the very gracious folks that decided to bring joy, color and flowers to Rohnert Park and the surrounding communities.