October 19, 2021
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Outbuilding fire quickly extends to two residences

October 2, 2020

On September 27, 2020 at approximately 3:43 p.m., Rohnert Park Public Safety Police and Fire Personnel were sent to 727 Bonnie Ave. for a report of a shed fire.  At the time of the call, one Rohnert Park Fire engine was on scene of a reported vegetation fire in Penngrove and the other was on a medical aid that required a burn victim be airlifted to a burn center.  Both engines were able to respond to the structure fire to assist with suppression efforts.  Due to the public safety model where officers are cross trained as police officers and firefighters, two officers quickly transitioned from their patrol unit to a fire engine and responded to the fire.  Additionally, patrol personnel donned their fire personal protective equipment at the scene to assist with fire suppression.  A Rohnert Park Fire engine, with a crew of four, just returned to the city from the North Complex Fire in Butte County and was able to respond as well. Rohnert Park personnel were joined by firefighters from Rancho Adobe Fire, Wilmar Fire, Sonoma County Fire, Santa Rosa Fire, Gold Ridge Fire and Petaluma Fire.

A bystander reported hearing an explosion and the fire quickly engulfed a large shed to the rear of 727 Bonnie Ave. and as a result of the intense radiant heat extended up a large redwood tree in the backyard, along a common fence line, to another shed in the backyard of the residence to the rear of 735 Bonnie Ave., and into the roof line of 727 and 735 Bonnie Ave.  Crews quickly protected exposures as the fire threatened to spread to additional residences to the rear and sides of 727 and 735 Bonnie Ave.  The swift action of all firefighters kept this fire from further spreading.

The residence at 727 Bonnie Ave. sustained major damage due to its close proximity to the shed.  Four residents were displaced as a result of the damage.  The house at 735 Bonnie Ave. sustained damage as a result of extinguishing the fire that threatened to run the attic and the required overhaul.  No residents were displaced from 735 Bonnie Ave.

Two firefighters and a community service officer required medical assistance.

 The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.