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July 2, 2020
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Odd couples and unusual friends

By: Mickey Zeldes
July 5, 2019

I recently saw a Facebook video of a giant dog, maybe a young Dane, playing with a deer!  It was like the peaceable kingdom, where predator and prey were just playmates and was very cute to watch.  They wrestled and bounced around like a pair of puppies (this was not a fawn, either!).  It brought to mind some other unusual playmates I’ve seen.

A friend, who loves rats and cats, had the boldest rat I’ve ever known.  He would run around the house loose with her adult cats.  Cricket would even sit on the cat food dish and share a meal with a couple of the felines.  Bold rat or dumb cats?  But it shows they can live together!  My bunnies have always helped to raise the foster kittens I’ve brought home.  It was especially nice for the single babies to have someone furry to snuggle with and not feel alone and I have some great pictures of a rabbit snuggled with a kitten or two – very sweet.

It’s always funny to see a giant dog living with a tiny dog – seems like some people like opposites!  We just had someone adopt a tall Doberman mix and is looking at a small spaniel to be the second dog.  Guess one is for long walks and one is for lap cuddling!  Have you seen pictures of birds that live with cats or dogs?  Sometimes they just safely co-exist, but once in a while you hear of a real friendship between the two.  Or stories about birds that mimic a cat meowing or the owner saying “want to go for a walk” just to drive their roommates crazy!  Too funny!

There was a shelter that recently posted a picture of a Pitbull and cat that had been surrendered and after being separated both went into a depression and wouldn’t eat. The shelter reunited them and they both perked up.  Not easy to house an odd couple like that in a kennel setting or find a home looking to add two species to the family!  I give them credit for figuring out what the problem was and solving it though and the picture of the two cuddling was so adorable that they probably got offers from around the country to adopt them.  Sometimes all it takes is something unusual to catch people’s attention.

Do you have an odd couple in your home?  An unlikely pair?  Strange bedfellows?  We would love to hear your stories, and even more, to see pictures!  Did they hit it off right from the start or did you have to work at getting them to accept each other?  Please post your stories on our Facebook page so we can share them.  As Rodney King said “Can we all just get along?”  Apparently sometimes we can!

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