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July 5, 2020
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Obesity in Sonoma County

March 22, 2019

Since 1975, the number of men and women labeled as living each day with obesity has nearly tripled, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  WHO goes on to say that as of 2016, almost two million adults were carrying excess weight.  Of these, over 650 million were living each day with obesity.  There’s very little doubt that the epidemic is one that hundreds of countries around the world are fighting.  However, for statistics of this nature to reach home, people need to know what’s occurring in their local community. 

Dietspotlight, a review and resource site that earns more than 30 million visitors yearly, has accumulated statistics shared by women and men residing in Sonoma County, CA that reveal how obesity is impacting local areas.

In Sonoma County, Ca., the typical resident needs to lose approximately 55.3 pounds to reach a pre-established definition of a healthy weight.  That average is marginally more than the state mean of 50.6 pounds and slightly less than the country average of 59.0 pounds.

Men have a BMI of 33 and weigh an average of 226 pounds.

Women weigh an average of 177 pounds and have a BMI of 30.

Additional evaluation of this data shows men in Sonoma County are more obese than women, based on BMI.  This may be a small surprise because figures reported across multiple, commendable organizations assert women tend to have more weight to lose than men.  Remember that per the CDC, BMI is not an indicator of fatness or overall reflection wellbeing.  The figure is used by healthcare and natural professionals to determine if intervention is necessary.

Dietspotlight intends to supply content  so people have a reliable source of advice about fad diets,, healthy diets and new trends.  After research is complete, the review board reviews studies and claims to guarantee accuracy and importance.  Some nutritional professionals working with Dietspotlight include Natalie Rizzo RD, Summer Banks FNS, SPT, Roxanne Moore RDN, and Anthony Duguarte MD.