October 16, 2021
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NOAH receives a gift of a generator

  • Left to right...Ken McCoy, Darlene Phillips, Bob Stewart & Ray Reyff. Photo provided by Robert Stewart

February 26, 2021

In mid-2020, the governing board of NOAH spoke of the importance of maintaining electrical power to the facility during PG&E power disruptions. Our facility stores large amounts of food that will quickly spoil without electrical power for refrigeration. This realization has become more and more evident during the past couple of years where Sonoma County as well as other areas have been ravaged by wildfires resulting in the loss of power for extended periods of time. Combined with the ever more frequent “Public Safety Power Shutoff” events, the NOAH operation of providing food to the community could be heavily impacted and jeopardized by the loss of damaged food as the result of electrical power loss.

The NOAH Board of Directors agreed to start fundraising for the purchase and installation of a standby emergency generator, which would supply power to our refrigeration units in the event of a PG&E service disruption. There were many steps to research for such a project. We had an online social media presence as well as promoting the project through friends, co-workers, church partitioners, etc.  Of course, we had to obtain an estimated cost for the generator purchase and installation, which came in around $15,000. This cost was much higher than we thought it would be, which made fundraising much more critical as our budget capacity would not support such an expenditure.   

We would like to thank all of the people and organizations who supported us in achieving our goal of acquiring the standby generator that was installed on our property in December 2020.

This project would not have been possible without the financial and technical support of the following individuals and organizations:

Ray Reyff owner of Reyff Electric, which is based out of Rohnert Park unconditionally supports the mission of NOAH of supplying food to those in need. As such, Reyff Electric essentially provided the generator and installation at their cost, which was approximately $9,300. Thank you for supporting NOAH and your community!!

Joe Perry of Penngrove, who is a certified electrical engineer, provided at no cost the electrical diagrams and computations necessary for obtaining the necessary permitting form the City of Rohnert Park.

Ken McCoy, branch manager for Petaluma Home Loans/American Pacific Mortgage and a member of the Rohnert Pak-Cotati Rotary Club, donated $5,000 to support the generator project. Thank you, Ken, for your generous donation.

The Rotary Club of Rohnert Park-Cotati donated $3,000 toward the generator project. Thanks for always supporting the community.

 The City of Rohnert Park was instrumental in making this project a reality. First, they provided NOAH with a $5,000 grant as part of the casino funding that is intended on supporting local non-profits. Secondly, the city waived a permit fee that was necessary for the generator installation. Thanks go out to the City officials of Rohnert Park for supporting NOAH and the generator project.

The general public also donated funding for this project. The donation amounts vary, but the common theme is that you had the thoughtfulness to support NOAH and your community.