July 14, 2020
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Meaningful Sayings

September 27, 2019

She used to be a billionaire

J.K. Rowling, famed author and creator of the character Harry Potter, use to be a billionaire. The only reason she is no longer a billionaire is because she has donated so much to charity.


Who Is Shigetaka Kurita?

Who is Shigetaka Kurita and why do you already know who he is (even if you think you don’t)? Kurita holds the distinction of being the person who created the very first emoji! While working in Japan in 1999, he designed the 175-pixel emoji that would eventually start a world-wide craze.


Horses can’t vomit

Horses cannot vomit. They are physically unable to do so, partly due to the fact that they have weak vomiting reflexes. While all humans and many animals use vomit to rid their body of something toxic, horses (and rats and rabbits) do not.


The word volcano

Per the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a VOLCANO is defined as a vent in the crust of the earth from which molten or hot rock and steam issue. The word volcano comes from Roman Mythology. In Roman Mythology the god of fire is known as Vulcan.


Color of the bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, located in San Francisco, California, is one the most famous bridges in the United States. Spanning 8,981 feet long, it is also one of the longest bridges. But what is the official color of this iconic landmark? The official color of the Golden Gate Bridge is International Orange.


Strongest natural material

In 2015 scientists discovered that snails possess the strongest natural material in the world… their teeth. It was discovered that limpets, an aquatic snail, have teeth that come close to the strength of the hardest man-made materials. The teeth are up to 40% stronger than spider silk, which was thought to be the strongest natural material.


How much DNA

So how much DNA does the human body contain? The human body contains 46 chromosomes which are made up of a double stranded helix. When the cell is not multiplying or replicating, it has 92 strands of DNA.


The Word “Chortle”

A ‘chortle’ is a type of laugh that is a mixture of a chuckle and a snort. The word was first used in the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. Carroll, author of Alice In Wonderland, is also credited with introducing the words ‘galumph’ and ‘slithy’.