October 16, 2021
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Man sentenced for stabbing, strangling and threatening girlfriends

April 2, 2021

Defendant Ethan Dean Holbrook, 28 years old of Santa Rosa, was sentenced on March 25, 2021 by the Honorable Christopher Honigsberg to 7 years and 8 months in state prison after pleading no contest to charges of felony domestic battery using a deadly weapon, making criminal threats and possession of concealed weapon. Additionally, he admitted to having previously suffered a prior conviction of a serious and/or violent felony. 

On June 13, 2020, while driving from Healdsburg to Santa Rosa, Holbrook became upset with Jane Doe #1, stating, “Today’s the day I kill you!” Holbrook subsequently struck her in the face. Officers responded to the scene and spoke with Jane Doe #1 and she disclosed prior incidents of domestic violence where Holbrook, her ex-boyfriend, had subjected her to physical abuse. 

On December 15, 2020, while Holbrook and Jane Doe #2 were travelling on Highway 101, Holbrook became upset with Jane Doe #2, struck her in the face multiple times, and stabbed her in her leg multiple times with a pocket knife, leaving visible injuries. On February 6, 2021, Holbrook again became upset with Jane Doe #2, while they were travelling in a vehicle together, and struck her multiple times in the face, strangled her and threatened to harm her if she called law enforcement. Jane Doe #2 was able to escape from the vehicle and attempted to run away. Holbrook chased her, grabbed her by her hair and attempted to pull her to the car as Jane Doe #2 screamed for help. Jane Doe was pregnant with Holbrook’s child at the time both incidents occurred. 

On May 5, 2020, Holbrook was contacted by law enforcement with two concealed weapons on his person. 

Defendant was previously sentenced to state prison for assault with a deadly weapon.

The case was prosecuted by DDA Alex Fisher of the District Attorney’s Office.