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April 20, 2021
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Love is in the air

By: Mickey Zeldes
February 12, 2021

Did you remember that this Sunday is Valentine’s Day, or as some have renamed it “Single’s Awareness Day?”  Hard to ignore all the ads for chocolates, wine, and jewelry that are everywhere.  But clearly love is in the air, at least if you are in tune to cats that is.  Actually, cats started coming into heat in January so they are well into their mating season by now.  Has the kitten you got last summer been acting a little crazier than usual?  Notice anything different about the stray cat you’ve been feeding the last few weeks (or months)? 

If she’s looking a little plumper, it may not be because you are offering her a steady dish of kibble.  If you’re not looking to expand the number of mouths you are feeding, you’d better act quick – a cat’s gestation is only around 63 days!  What can you do?  Make an appointment for her at our FREE (for Rohnert Park and City of Cotati residents) Fix-it Clinic.  We can spay her which will solve the problem – permanently!  

There many other good reasons to have your cats fixed - here are just a few:  

Becoming lost – intact animals roam further in search of partners and can quickly find themselves in unfamiliar territory.  This is especially dangerous in urban settings where the territory is full of busy roads and people who value their peace.  

Vet bills – male cats fight over females and end up with abscesses, torn ears or worse, FIV (feline AIDS).  This disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected cat.  Altered cats get into fewer fights so that can save you dollars at the vets!

Spraying – male cats spray to attract females and to mark their territory.  Did you know that female cats can spray too?  Although it’s not an “off” switch, having a cat fixed greatly reduces the incidence of spraying, which will definitely be appreciated by your neighbors.

Calmer behavior – intact animals are naturally hormonal and ruled by those raging hormones!  Living with the yowling of a female in heat is exasperating at best and explains why so many end up being put outside.  Even if you were able to keep your cats from slipping out the door, think of how frustrated they are.  A male can smell a female in heat a mile or more away!  And your home will soon be surrounded by interested suitors if your female comes into season.  Frustrated cats are not the same sweet, loving pet that you knew just a few weeks ago!

The main reason of course, is that there just would not be enough homes available for all the kittens born if we allowed breeding to go unchecked.  Consider if a female comes into heat in January and is quickly impregnated.   After a two-month gestation, and two months of nursing, she comes into heat again.  She theoretically could have three litters in a year! And by the time she is on the third litter, the kittens from the first are old enough to start reproducing themselves!  With an average litter size of 4-5 kittens you can see how quickly it can become a problem.  Fortunately, we have a solution!

Call 588-3531 today to schedule an appointment to have your cat fixed.  It doesn’t take the love out of the air but keeps it where it belongs.  Now your cat can become a loving, and loved, member of your family, without the call of the wild distracting her (or him!).  Isn’t that why you got a cat in the first place?


Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at