October 20, 2021
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L J principal promises open door policy

By: Lanny Lowery
July 26, 2019

On Fri., July 19, the staff at Lawrence Jones received an email from newly selected principal David Gottlieb.  In the email, Gottlieb said, “I am truly honored and excited to be joining the LJ and CRPUSD community.”  

He offered some background information and thanked the interview committee for selecting him and Assistant Principal Shawna Whitestine “who has been super generous with her time over summer break to help get me up to speed on all things.”

Gottlieb went on to invite employees to “drop in for an informal chat before the ‘back to school rush’ begins.”  He assured everyone that his “door will always be open to you.”  He wants to get to know about each staff member and his or her LJ experience.  “I look forward to hearing about your amazing contributions to student learning and well-being.”

Gottlieb said, “I just finished my 14th year on the leadership team at a pre-school-8th grade school in Marin and have been judiciously exploring a new professional challenge.”

Assistant Superintendent Julie Synyard announced on Mon., July 22,” the selection of Mr. David Gottlieb as Principal of Lawrence E. Jones Middle School effective with the 2019-2020 school year.”  Synyard stated that the recommendation goes to the District’s Board of Trustees for ratification at its August Regular Meeting on Aug. 20.

In Synyard’s press release, she reviewed Gottlieb’s former positions.  Working at Marin Primary and Middle School in Larkspur the past 14 years, he most recently served as Director of Learning Resources.  One of his primary duties was to oversee the implementation of special education and enrichment services for pre-school through eighth grade.  He also coordinated assessment, parent education, scheduling and other administrative duties.

Prior to that position Gottlieb was a middle school counselor, a teacher and an educational and child and family therapist.

Gottlieb attended the University of California at Santa Cruz finishing his undergraduate work.  Later he earned a Master of Science Degree from San Francisco State University.  He received his administrative credential from the University of California Extension at Irvine.  Gottlieb also has a Marriage and Therapist license.

Synyard reports, “He is passionate about supporting all students to achieve at high levels and is committed to building a cohesive team that is responsive to the needs of the students, parents and the community.”  She goes on to say that Gottlieb is eager for the start of the school year.  He looks forward to meeting with the staff, students and community and “brings great enthusiasm to his new role.”

Gottlieb, in his message to staff, shows more excitement:  “I love being out-and-about campus, appreciating what is going on and building relationships with students and adults.  When I visit your classroom, please know my positive intention is to know and celebrate the wonderful things you are doing with your students.”

Gottlieb shared some personal information, also.  He and his wife live in Petaluma with three sons.   His wife Dana is a reading specialist working in the Petaluma City Schools and they are active in their church.

Many Lawrence Jones teachers have strong hopes that the new principal will meet needs to create an academic environment at the middle school.  Teachers have reported, individually and in groups, the need for discipline on the campus.  Many of them have felt a lack of administrative support during the past three years when it came to enforcing consequences for misbehaviors.

David Gottlieb has the experience and the training, the background needed to lead this school in the areas of learning, student behavior and staff team building.  The students, staff and the community look to him to be a successful leader.