September 19, 2021
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Kaaron Carver, a long time friend and past associate succumbs at age 71

October 23, 2020

Dear family and friends,

As you may know, my sister, Kaaron Mayre Carver, passed away on September 29, 2020 at her home in Mission Viejo, CA. Our cousin, Jack, was there with her, as well as her hospice caregiver. Jack, who was like a brother to Kaaron, was visiting from Kentucky. Kaaron had been fighting brain cancer for 23 months. She fought valiantly taking chemo and radiation treatments and almost made it. Now, she has gone home to be with God in heaven.

We had a viewing of my late sister the day after her transition at the Fairhaven Memorial Services Mortuary, Mission Viejo, CA. We were thankful for her neighbors and friends who were able to attend at such short notice.

At Kaaron’s wish, she will be cremated, and her ashes will be scattered in the Dana Point Harbor, California, in early to mid-November 2020. A small group of close family and friends will be accommodated on a small boat. Her church members have offered to provide a celebration of life for my sister.

See below for a link to the Fairhaven Dignity website where you can read Kaaron’s obituary which she wrote herself. You may also share a link to Kaaron’s personal “blog” entitled “The Chronicler.”

Please pass this message on to anyone who knew Kaaron. Let me know by email that you have received this message. Kaaron passed away quickly without lingering in bed. She was walking, talking, eating well until the end. Her brain just gave-out and sent her home to be with our Lord. 

Here is the story of Kaaron where you can leave comments:

Fairhaven Dignity: 

Over the years, Kaaron wrote about her life in her blog called “The Chronicler”:

This small tribute is extremely hard to pen as Kaaron Carver was my very best friend. We were the Mutt and Jeff of the volunteer group. Kaaron being 5’ 7” and I only 5’ 2” were a strange looking pair of hikers but our friendship was strong and beautiful. We would dissect every subject as we both had been schoolteachers. Kaaron taught at Windsor High for 12 years but when she decided to retire, she integrated her two loves, history and technology and was a dynamite at writing. Art Ibleto was one of Kaaron’s favorite subjects. She wrote an excellent history book on him and was seen many summers at Art’s spaghetti stand at the Sonoma County fairgrounds bustling around and asking Art many questions about his childhood.

Kaaron was very reserved and you had to earn her friendship, love and respect. After having lived in Rohnert Park for some time, she decided to move to Orange County and spread her knowledge to the gated community where she lived and was very involved with her church.

Visiting Kaaron in Mission Viejo was a history lesson in itself. We would go to the missions, visit museums, find and shop at all the little tourists places, go out on the water and come back in to walk for miles to finally settle down and have a delicious lunch on the beach.

Carver was not only a dear friend but we both worked at the newspaper at the same time as she loved proofreading and wrote many excellent articles for the local paper.

After Kaaron moved it was always a sad day for me when she would drive all the way back to Orange County and make me promise to visit her. She would visit Sonoma County several times a year and I would go to Orange County and take a plane back to Santa Rosa. I would laugh as she always worried that she wouldn’t get me to the airport in time for my flight. While visiting at her lovely Mission Viejo home Ody, the cat, would be my sleeping partner.

I will miss my friend tremendously, but I know she is teaching history somewhere in heaven and with her big heart being friends with everyone. If you needed an ear or even a loaf of bread and jam (one of her favorite things to make) she was johnny-on-the- spot.

Rest in peace dear heart!