July 12, 2020
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KRCB a recipient of award

May 29, 2020

The Radio Television Digital News Association announced  that the hour-long radio special Vaping: What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You is a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award Winner in the category News Documentary. This regional win allows the program, produced by Northern California Public Media and broadcast on KRCB FM Radio 91, as well as dozens of other radio stations, to advance to the National Murrow Award competition. The Murrow Awards are given each year by the Radio Television Digital News Association and are among the most prestigious in broadcast and digital news.

The vaping program began in discussions between Northern California Public Media, Sonoma West Publishers and the Sonoma County Department of Health Services about the vaping epidemic. In the summer and fall of 2019, vaping injuries and deaths jumped among mostly young men around the United States. This outbreak was eventually traced to a filler called vitamin E acetate added to THC vaping cartridges. This news was not widely known when we reported it.

But the real menace of vaping was only then becoming apparent as an addictive nicotine delivery system aimed at converting young people into long-term reliance on a dangerous and habit-forming drug. It was to combat this crisis that Sonoma West began an education campaign eagerly joined by Northern California Public Media. The hour-long public radio special was carried by more than 50 public radio stations, including some of the largest like WNYC and WHYY, and exposed to a potential audience of 1.7 million listeners.

The program was produced in partnership with Sonoma West Publishers, and also received underwriting support from the Sonoma County Department of Health Services.

At Northern California Public Media, the following produced the program: Adia White, Producer; Steve Mencher, Editor; Anthony Garcia, Sound Designer;  Nate Charles, Production Assistant.