January 20, 2021
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Is this Summer or Fall

By: Dawn Dolan
October 25, 2019

Many of us have been enjoying a bit of late season heat and just got slammed with a sudden cold blast and a small bit of rain.  Now we are expecting the warm to return for a while.  We usually have a more gradual shift from season to season that allows our bodies to adapt to the changing temperatures, wind and moisture.  Our weather this week has given new meaning to the necessity of layering up our clothing!

In the interest of keeping our internal homeostasis well and happy, some attention is needed to balance your internal body temperature.  While the external temperature in the world around us makes wild swings going up and down, our body has to compensate in order to keep that 98.6 where it should be.  Our Hypothalamus takes great care to communicate with all systems in the body to do what is needed on a moment to moment basis to regulate this most important aspect of our well-being.

Ever wonder why we are more likely to become ill with those minor bouts of infections when the seasons change?  Our immune system also uses temperature as one of its regulatory mechanisms and we don’t always pay attention to how our body is feeling in relationship to the external world.  Besides, we often go from outdoors to an overly heated room or an overly air conditioned room in a matter of minutes.  Many of us had mothers who would always give the reminder to take a sweater or jacket along no matter what the weather looked like.  Maybe that was not such bad advice after all.


Dawn Dolan, MA, ACN is an advocate for integrative healthcare, consulting with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, body workers, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals. She can be reached by email at