October 20, 2021
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Guns, violence, hatred and rage

July 9, 2021

A quiet afternoon, a mom gets shot outside of a church.

A Friday, a pro golfer gets shot on a golf course in Georgia.

Eleven men wearing technical gear and armed are on a Mass. Freeway holding police at bay.

In Chicago, another weekend and 80+ people with 14 deceased is frightening.

Two youngsters in South Carolina shot and killed a man while he was cutting brush.

Santa Rosa had several shootings Sunday night. 

Can it be said that many mothers, fathers and families are mourning because of senseless shootings.

The ownership of guns is understood; having hunted since the age of five. Living on the prairie steppes gophers are prolific and destroy many gardens, etc. An adult parent gifted a rifle at the age of five and many afternoon hours were spent eliminating the pesky varmints.

Guns have always been a part of my life but I do not have a desire to aim a rifle towards another human being.

Entering the farmhouse, we all knew several guns were hanging on pegs behind the door. They had to be kept where they would be reachable within a moment’s notice.

If you heard chickens squawking in the middle of the night, you knew for sure a weasel or fox is in the coop and chickens ere the bread and butter of a farmer’s life.  You sell the eggs and the poultry normally end up on the dinner table. Stray dogs enter a barn yard at any time of the day with no knowledge if the canine has rabies and will attack one of the children. Yes, that is the time to use a weapon, but it is for protection and your livelihood. But as you will notice the reason guns were used. Nothing was done in rage and anger.

The current president ran a campaign on the use of guns and violence but all parties have to work together, no one can do it alone.

Anger seems to be the “norm” now days. The freeway is a shooting gallery and heaven forbid if you are driving slower than 70 miles per hour. Everyone wants to be in the lead position and many drivers will use the shoulder of the freeway to get ahead of other drivers.

Respect for each other seems to have gone down the tubes. Watching even young children disregard parents makes me so sad.

Where is all of the anger, hatred and disrespect come from? Does everyone feel entitled and then become angry if the answers are not what they wanted or think they deserve. 

We are all humans with beating hearts and red blood. The color of skin should not matter. It seems hatred is against different races, religion and politics. Never have the anger against Asians and Blacks and all other minorities been so strong. Having lived in the South during the 50s racism was everywhere but never saw anger being spewed against each other as it does at the present. Is it even safe to go out? Sonoma County is not immune from hatred and violence. The car-jacking and running into pedestrians is being done without a thought.

Often times freeway shootings are downright frightening-you actually see rage in some driver’s eyes as they speed up with almost pure malice in their hearts.

Some groups who claim to be pacifists and love this country act barbaric.

Hate crimes have jumped tremendously.

 Mask wearing is everyone’s choice or not. It is no one’s business and indicating that it is disgusting to wearing a face covering just because the state has partially opened. Deciding and protecting myself is my prerogative.

Hatred has increased involving sexual orientation and gender bias. Treat each other with respect regardless of race, disability, nationality, sexual orientation and religion.

Bulling in the school yard is relentless. Adults and children get bullied probably for being a little obese, doesn’t quite fit in with the “crowd” and those that are shy and like to stay outside of the fringe are all targets for bullying. Does your child dislike going to school or seems to have declining grades are sure signs of being bullied.

Anyone can bully; nuns, teachers or coming from very conservative families. Bullying was seen because the male child was smaller than some of his classmates.

Politics has torn this country apart. Joe Biden, a Democrat, is the current president and until a moving van backs up to the white house, Joe Biden is this country’s president.