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July 4, 2020
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Governor’s actions will save the lives of first responders

August 9, 2019

After two devastating fire seasons in which California’s firefighters worked for weeks, and sometimes months, without a break; Governor Newsom has announced the hiring of 393 new firefighters. Of the 393, 369 will be placed on fire engines and the remaining 24 will supervise military crews – the end result will be better response times and less costly overtime. Firefighters will continue to work long hours but will have shifts that do not go on without end throughout the fire season.

“As President of CAL FIRE Local 2881, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of Govern Newsom’s action. His leadership brings a more reasonable approach to the way we fight fires in California. Our firefighters will continue to work incredibly long shifts without being driven to a breaking point. We are appreciative,” stated Tim Edwards.

CAL FIRE Local 2881 is made up of 6,500 men and women on the front line of California’s catastrophic fires.