August 10, 2020
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Funny sayings

November 22, 2019


Are you a victim of Thalassophobia? If you are afraid of water or the open sea, then the answer is yes. The word “thalassa” is a Greek word that means ocean or sea. If you suffer from an intense and sometimes unwarranted fear of being in or near a big body of water, then you suffer from thalassophobia.


Trained By the CIA

During the filming of The Grinch (released in 2000), Jim Carrey was trained by the CIA. While making this movie, Carrey was put through “torture-endurance training” to help him go through the make-up process, which could take up to 8 hours to complete. [Side Note: Carrey also credited the soothing sounds of The Bee Gees as a big help during this make-up ordeal.]


Who Invented the Electric Chair?

The electric chair was first used on August 6, 1890. It was invented and developed through the 1880s. The credit goes to Alfred P. Southwick, an inventor from the Buffalo, New York area. In addition to being an inventor, he was also a dentist.