September 24, 2021
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Fun Facts

August 28, 2020

Who is Jay J. Armes?

Jay J. Armes is a private investigator… with no hands. A childhood accident (he was 11 years old) mangled both his hands. In 1972, he was the PI hired by Marlon Brando to find his missing son. He was so popular during the 1970s that the Ideal Toy Company released a Jay J. Armes action figure, complete with detachable prosthetics.


More three pointers

NBA (National Basketball Association) players made a combined 27,955 3-point shots during the 2018-2019 regular season. That’s over 4,000 more 3-pointers than were made during the ENTIRE 1980s (23,871).


$1 a day food budget

When he was a college student at the University of Pennsylvania, Elon Musk challenged himself to live off a $30 food budget for one month. He wanted to see if he had “what it took” to be an entrepreneur. He ate mostly hot dogs and oranges that month.


Canola Oil

Ever wonder what the name Canola (from Canola Oil) stands for? Of course you have. It stands for Canada Oil, Low Acid.


Cupholder history

In 1981, the AMC movie theater chain achieved a movie theater ‘first.’ They became the first theater to have seats that came with cup holders. CEO Stanley Durwood was determined to make all aspects of the movie experience more comfortable.