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July 16, 2020
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Former Walmart employee arrested for thefts from store

February 1, 2019

On Dec. 21, 2018 Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety began investigating a report of a Walmart employee who had been involved in numerous thefts from the store. Walmart Management had been investigating 18-year-old Angel Vu of Rohnert Park after they began suspecting her of not ringing up items brought to her register. Upon reviewing surveillance video from Nov. and Dec. of 2018, they realized Angel was passing merchandise by the register without ringing it up and would then load the items into bags as if they were purchased. They saw that the same subjects would bring their merchandise to Angel’s register and only pay a small amount for a few items, then exit the store with all of the merchandise including the items they did not pay for.

On Dec. 12, Walmart Management saw some of the subjects Angel was not charging for the items come to her line with merchandise. They stood by the exit door after Angel rang up the merchandise, and contacted them as they were leaving. They stopped the subjects and checked their receipt, and saw that most of the merchandise had not been paid for. As they were talking to the subjects, Angel left the store and never returned. Based on Walmart’s investigation, they believed Angel had provided these individuals with over $4,000 worth of merchandise that she did not charge them for.

While reviewing the video footage provided by Walmart, Rohnert Park Detectives noticed that the subjects Angel was providing the merchandise to appeared to be members of her family. On Jan. 18, detectives obtained a felony arrest warrant for Angel for charges of Grand Theft and Embezzlement with a $10,000 bail. On Jan. 23, detectives served a search warrant at Angel’s residence on Camino Colegio Dr. in Rohnert Park looking for the merchandise that Walmart was able to identify had been stolen.