September 17, 2021
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Expansion of COVID-19 testing and vaccine policy to city employees

By: Brittney Scardina
August 27, 2021

With vaccination policies growing, the City of Cotati will follow in the lead of the County of Sonoma as they will direct city staff to implement a COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy for all city employees. 

During their meeting on August 24, Cotati City Council unanimously voted to implement a COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy for all city employees that will require employees to give documentation proof of vaccination or weekly COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees. 

This policy means that city employees under the City of Cotati will have to provide documentation proof of being vaccinated, or those who are unvaccinated will undergo weekly testing. 

On August 4, the Sonoma County Public Health Officer issued a Health Order requiring all fire, law enforcement, emergency medical service workers, and staff at disaster shelters to show proof of full vaccination status or undergo weekly testing by the C19-26 will go into effect on September 1. 

Following this Health Order, the County of Sonoma adopted to expand the order C19-26 to include all county employees and recommend that employers in the county require their workers to provide proof of complete vaccination for COVID-19 or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. 

The City of Cotati will be following the lead of the County of Sonoma by putting a similar Health Order into place that will be expected of city employees. The City of Cotati currently has fifty-three employees, and the Cotati City Council members decided they should be expected to follow the same requirements. 

When discussing the expansion of COVID-19 vaccine and testing policies, the council decided that if they implement this for the city employees, they should be expected to follow the same suit, especially before going back to in-person council meetings. 

Mayor John C. Moore made it very clear that he is in full support of this Health Order and the rest of the council seemed to be feeling the same way. The implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy for Cotati city employees will follow the County of Sonoma’s and be in effect by September 7. 

One of the considerations that arose during this discussion was the consideration of the costing of testing. Employers are required to pay for the test cost, and they are hoping to have testing options on site. 

With the recent FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, more requirements and expansions of vaccine policies might come soon. For those interested in attending future meetings, the times and agenda are posted on the City of Cotati website, under the Cotati City Council section.