August 6, 2020
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Dr. Sutton says, “Open wide!”

  • All suited up and ready for action

By: Irene Hilsendager
July 10, 2020

Twenty years ago a young man who was born in Walnut Creek, Ca. decided to open a new dental practice in Sonoma County. After purchasing an office from Dr. Bill Bohen at 1330 Medical Center Dr. in Rohnert Park, Dr. Sutton has now converted the two small offices into one large state of the art dental and surgical department.

Wayne, until the age of nine, grew up in a structured household with father being a policeman and his mother a dental consultant. His parents divorced and he lived with his single mom who made sure he would attend dental school. At the age of 16, Sutton had a desire to clean dental offices and worked to become a chair side assistant, putting himself through college at UCSF and received his dental degree in 1997.

He gained extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry through the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in San Francisco and advanced Occlusion at the prestigious Hornbrook Group and now is recognized as one of Sonoma County’s premier cosmetic dentists.

In 2006 Dr. Sutton become one of the first dentists in Northern California to earn his Fellowship in the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics. Sutton completes more than four times the required professional development courses in California in order to broaden his wisdom of advances in dental procedures. Sutton is also a member of the American Academy for Dental Sleep Medicine.

Wayne is one of a select group of cosmetic dentists to be recognized as an Official Dentist of the Mrs. Glove-Mrs. USA pageant and recently has become the franchise owner of Teeth Tomorrow Sonoma County, helping people who need full mouth dental implant reconstruction using the strongest implant bridge available today.

Not really enjoying visiting a dentist, a tour was suggested of Sutton’s office. A clean and airy office with bright photography on the walls. Slipping into a smaller cubicle, strange objects were seen…large suction tubes were noticed, all built by HVAC quick. Each hose has a HEPA filtration which cleans the air and pulls 300 DFM to remove any aerosols from anywhere around a patient while being worked on and surprise, the the air is cleaned through filters which run under the building and evacuated from said building out to open air.

There are concerns for some patients. Fearing of  the creation of aerosols in the air with the hand pieces in the dental cleaning unit. The combination of using ozone needed water and strong suction evacuations will eliminate aerosols in the room. This system coupled with the other five air cleaning systems makes the air in the operating room high-quality. The surgical room is state of the art and quite pleasant. Wayne is quite proud of a system called bio sure ozone water generator. This takes water from the main system and puts it through reverse osmosis and runs it through the ozonation machine and allows the office to have 10 PPM ozonator water on demand. This particular water is used for every single application in the office for sterility.

Another new item is the ozone gas machine. By simulating and using oxygen tanks and an ozonation machine to create strong ozone gas which then is applied to large bags and cleans any coverings so they can eventually be reused to minimize waste which is an extremely toxic virus and bacteria.

All of these systems are designed to allow for a very safe environment for the staff and patients.

Dentistry has been way ahead of the curve regarding sterilization techniques. Everything is sterile with a single use of gloves, head covering, face shields so this is not essentially a new technique. Having added these items to the Sonoma Smiles office is to ensure everyone that they are doing this for safety sake.

Dr. Sutton does a wide array of services designed to restore smiles and invigorate dental health.

Sutton, along with wife Michelle and two handsome strapping young sons who will be attending college soon, have settled into Sonoma County quite well.