December 4, 2020
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Does spring mean allergy season for you?

By: Dawn Dolan
March 22, 2019

Are you one of those people who begin to sneeze, itch, have red watery eyes or nose, or just get overly fatigued when the blossoms begin to appear on the bushes and the trees?  Other people are excited at the prospect of warmer and sunnier weather, and you would be too, if not for those darn allergy symptoms.  

Perhaps these allergies have been with you since birth.  Perhaps they have been with you only for the past few years but have been getting worse each year.  Perhaps you never had them at all until moving to beautiful Sonoma County.  No matter what the timeline, what if this could be reversed and you could watch these allergy symptoms gradually disappear from your life?  That is an attention-getting thought, isn’t it?

So many allergy sufferers have tried the usual medications for symptom relief with results varying from hours of complete relief to no relief at all and every shade in between.  Many people cannot take any of these medications due to unwanted side effects.  What to do?

Try talking with a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist or homeopath.  Allergies are not always mandated by your genetics.  There are ways to improve the functioning of your immune systems’ reaction to these environmental allergens which are toxic to you.  The body can be supported in a nontoxic way to be ever more efficient at ridding these allergens from your system before the reactions set in.  Reach out, expand your perspective on healthcare and let the suffering just fade away!

Dawn Dolan, MA, ACN is an advocate for integrative healthcare, consulting with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, body workers, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals. She can be reached by email at