September 19, 2021
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Discussions on the care facility and apartments

November 15, 2019

The Tues. evening Cotati City Council meeting was mainly discussions of the approved residential care facility on Gravenstein Hwy. The Sterling Oaks is a high end assisted living facility which offers according to the web site, “Age in Place” amenities to residents of all care levels. The city is currently reviewing a proposal of construction of a new 77,000 square foot Memory Care Facility with 34 units and a 4,000 square foot commercial building to be operated as a cannabis dispensary.

The project will feature two levels of independent and assisted living in the main building and a single level Alzheimer’s Care unit. Councilmember Susan Harvey said, “I am really concerned about elevator availability as there is only one elevator in the plans.”

Common developers called “paper developers” are those that sell to another source and have them develop it. It has been hard for the City of Cotati to make changes as a neighbor complained about the many vehicles that will be on city streets even though the city will widen the streets to hold more parking.

Another project in question is called the Cotati Station Apartments next to the Smart train tracks and the city has no control of private property. As of now, the city has given the Cotati Station developers another 12-month extension.

Another discussion spoken about was where public notices can and will be posted in the future.

Cotati City Hall and the veteran’s center does have posted notices but since the post office is expanding their individual boxes,  the small area for public notices has been deleted. Another suggestion was the SMART train building that has a posting area on the outside of the building.