July 26, 2021
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Discussing age

By: Savannah Ashley
June 11, 2021

Age is widely known to come as one might get older. But besides the basic facts of changes to come with specific ages, it’s not widely talked about what to expect and how to accept getting older. 

I’m 13 coming on 14 by the end of the year, but in my experience I’ve seen and heard what’s to come as one might get older. As a baby your body is still growing and adjusting to life outside of the womb. Thankfully, our bodies already know what to do to keep us sustaining life, but that doesn’t cover the need for food and water. There are babies born with defects and sometimes those babies don’t sustain life for long, and some do, it all depends on the severity of the defects and how modern technology can help save them. Then there are all the babies that come out “normal” per se, and even they need all the “accessories” to carry life sustainably and organized. These aspects might include love and affection, shelter, education, and of course one that many people seem to believe they must live with even as older people, entertainment. 

When babies hit the toddler stage they learn new things, and are more interested in the world, not knowing that there’s more out there than they think. Toddlers like new things (generally) and of course, meeting new people. They like people who are different from them, but they like the comfort of knowing that there are people like themselves out in the world. Toddlers also have no filter, much like certain adults, toddlers will say what they please whether or not they know it’s affecting those around them. 

The teenage years hit hard, as an early teen puberty starts to develop and maturity usually occurs. They are usually moody and for some reason always feel like they are better than everybody else, and if not they are considered weird by others. Early adults seem to think they have the world wrapped around their fingers, they are out of school, they have careers (or are trying to get their degrees), and usually have some sort of plan. Those who don’t usually reflect that later in life. 

Middle aged people start undergoing changes that they knew would come, but didn’t know what they would really look like. Some people lather themselves in makeup, trying to hide the parts of them they seek ugly. Others have plastic surgeries to fix what was once in their control. And the rest just accept these changes. Wrinkles come, weakness in parts of the body seem inevitable, and decisions made earlier in life such as drug, alcohol, diet and exercise decisions play a role in quality of life later on. This age group is sometimes called old, but as my brother likes to define it, “old is when you can’t make yourself breakfast, and when things from three years ago are new.”

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 Savannah Ashley is a local middle schooler who has an enthusiasm for mountain biking, rock climbing, writing, art, science, sports and animals. One day she hopes to be a forensic scientist. She started writing for the local newspaper to spark an interest in the minds of adolescents. She has taken part in 4-H for a total of five years in the past. She knows what loss feels like and she can accept it. You can expect articles that include news and any other information broken down in a way to make parents more comfortable to let their kids read. She hopes for you, and other readers to enjoy what she has to offer, and that you share her articles with those who may be interested. You can contact her at any time with questions or comments at: