July 5, 2020
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Credo over Tech, 8-1

  • Technology High and Credo High Varsity Baseball coaches Mark Meinhofer and John Aliotti stand with Kayli Worden, Matt O'Brien, Claude Pepe and Gabriel Wong who were selected for the League All Star team. Photo by Robert Grant

By: Lanny Lowery
May 3, 2019

Late umpires, sprinklers dousing left field, senior all-stars announced, and, oh yes, the Rohnert Park baseball rivalry played on as the Credo Gryphons defeated the Technology Titans 8 to 1.  The afternoon sun smiled on Golis Park as the Cub Reporter found himself sitting next to a real sports journalist, Lori Carter from the Press Democrat, who actually kept a scorecard and followed the game with a grin and a comment or two about the umpires, the coaches and the players.

The Titans continued the roller coaster ride of the long season (35 games so far) as the Gryphons picked away with scattered single runs in the 3th, 4th and 5th innings, and then widened the gap with a 5 run sixth.  The Titans had less than a day to celebrate their 12-2 win over the Calistoga Wildcats.

On Monday, with Sam Morrow pitching a complete game and banging out three hits to drive in two runs and score two more, the Titans played some classic errorless baseball.  Morrow struck out six and only walked two.  Sebastiano Piombo supported Morrow’s effort with three hits and three runs batted in while Devyn Still drove in four runs with two hits as the Titans brought their bats knocking out 12 singles.

Those fickle baseball gods jumped to Credo’s side on Tuesday as the Gryphons punched 13 hits to score eight runs.  Claude Pepe pitched a complete game walking only two runners in the final inning and surrendering only one run.  Leadoff hitter Teo Von-Elg went 3 for 4 and scored three runs as the Gryphons connected for 14 hits.

The teams played a close game through the first five innings as the Gryphons picked away to lead 3-0 by the end of the fifth.  In the sixth, Credo scored 5 runs on 5 hits to put the game out of sight.

While the umpires thought that the 4 o’clock start was meant to be a 6:30 beginning, spectators had time to enjoy the coaches announcing the senior all-stars.  Credo pitcher Claude Pepe and first basemen Gabe Wong and Tech pitcher Matt O’Brien and second baseman Kayli Worden received the surprise announcement just when the game should have been underway.

By 4:30 p.m. the men in blue arrived, no “error” on their part, they had been told to report later.  The umpires made up for lost time by moving the game quickly with their directions.  But even umpires cannot defy baseball gods, who, if they choose, can delay games with such antics as setting off the left field sprinklers.  Credo Coach John Aliotti proved that he knew more than just how to fill out a lineup card as he figured out how to shut off the water.

Meanwhile, the Cub Reporter learned that the veteran writer had hopes beyond the game as the Warriors, Giants and Sharks all had big games that evening.  In awe, I watched as she moved quickly to the snack bar to purchase a nutritious hot dog.  Ah humanity, she even groaned quiet disagreement over one of the umpire’s calls.  And I thought to myself, maybe I am getting the hang of this sports reporting.

The season winds down for both teams.  Credo, with a league record of 9 and 2, with 5 games left to play, faces Sonoma Academy Thursday at Golis Park at 4 p.m.  Tech, whose league record is 4 wins and 7 losses, has three games left and travels to Tomales on Friday.  With more experience, these rival Titans and Gryphons lookforward to next year’s games as they establish a new Rohnert Park tradition, the Credo/Technology baseball rivalry.