September 26, 2021
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Cotati Council reshuffles seats

  • Vice mayor Wendy Skillman, council member and outgoing mayor, Mark Landman and incoming mayor John Dell Osso are ready to work for the community.

By: Joshua Farestveit-Moore
December 14, 2018

The Cotati City Council appointed a new mayor Tues., Dec. 11 as part of their annual reorganization. It’s John Dell’Osso.

This is his third stint as mayor of the town of Cotati. Dell’Osso has been on the city council for about 12 years now and for all of 2018 he’s served as its vice mayor. 

“My whole reason for running was to make this city a great place for my family and others to live in. I still believe in that,” Dell’Osso said. “It’s about the community working together as a community. Neighbors working with neighbors. You can do that and you can get things accomplished in a small city. Maybe it can be done in a larger city, but it’d be more difficult.”

A Petaluma native, Dell’Osso moved to Cotati about 33 years ago. His parents owned the Green Mill in Penngrove at the time and he and his wife were looking for a place to settle down that was forward thinking and friendly. According to Dell’Osso, he got it in the town of Cotati and a few short years later in 1994 he ran for office for the first time, which carried its own share of risks. 

“When you go campaigning in Cotati you’re knocking on every door. There’s calluses that form,” Dell’Osso said. “Once I was walking up some steps, I tripped and fell. I get up to the door and knock and I’m bleeding. The lady answers it and goes, ‘Oh my god! I’ll vote for you regardless but let me get you a bandage.’” 

It was Mark Landman that held the mayoral post through 2018 and its Landman that Dell’Osso will be relieving. When asked, Landman expressed his gratitude towards the people of Cotati for granting him the privilege to serve as their mayor. It was with a note of optimism that he explained the council’s plans for the coming year—plans that include a potential boutique hotel and a rework of Cotati’s downtown area. 

When asked if it was Rohnert Park’s new Station Avenue development that had served as an inspiration for these plans, Landman answered with a laugh. 

“Oh no, we’re doing much better than Rohnert Park. We already have a downtown. We’re just making it better,” Landman said. “If they want to call us for tips I’d be happy to talk to [Jake Mackenzie].”