October 19, 2021
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Cotati Council makes it short

By: Rod Morgan
September 13, 2019

The regular Cotati Tues. evening city council meeting was very short and subdued. All council members were present except Councilmember Mark Landman.

The mayor asked everyone not to pay attention to the wall clock as it acted like a Harry Potter time piece.

The Honorary Mayor, Zuri Ruiz, a seventh grader from Thomas Page Academy was introduced and was asked by the mayor to what services may be lacking in Cotati.

A proclamation of pollution prevention and creek week was announced and what is best to do for Cotati going on to zero pollution.

Another discussion on homelessness was held-no resolution was brought forth as to campers recreation vehicles moving into Cotati park and rides.

The biggest challenge of the night was how well Sonoma County residents would handle the water situation after an earthquake. Standard operating procedures will be formulated and set into motion. Councilmember Susan Harvey stated that Cotati is a step ahead by banding together with eight other cities to look for a solution that balances risks and water rates. 

A 116-page response letter out lining the topic was done by Craig Scott and a proposal that it would be returned with the mayor’s signature to the to the Presiding Superior Court Judge-the vote came in a 4-0 in favor.

The progress of road construction was given with road repair being on different city streets at one time. Traffic does back up with the E. Cotati road repair.

A very short meeting for Cotati since the mayor dropped the gavel at 8:44 p.m.