September 26, 2021
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Cotati Council emergency meeting

By: Paul Matli
March 17, 2020

  Wednesday is usually not the time for city council meeting, however, the time is not normal. With COVID-19 very present in much of the Bay Area and Sonoma County, members of the Cotati City Council took the time to update the public on what the next steps are regarding the virus, quarantine and response.

     City Manager Damien O’Bid spent most of the eight minute meeting talking about the emergency declaration the city released on March 12.

     The Resolution ratifying the proclamation of existence of local emergency for threat of Pandemic passed the council with a 5-0 vote.

     By passing the resolution 5-0, the council agreed to extend the proclamation passed  Thursday. This resolution allows the City of Cotati to take all appropriate measure to protect life and property. It allows for purchasing vital supplies, equipment and other things found lacking for the protection of life and property. Employees are allowed under this resolution to be disaster service workers and shift their responsibilities.

     O’Bid also said the city is cancelling all recreation events through March and part of April while also cancelling all private rentals of city facilities through the end of March. The city is also taking the no crowds of 10 or more people seriously as well regarding playgrounds. City meetings were also cancelled for March and the city is currently working on pushing out information for the community, particularly family resources and activities during the shelter in place order that are available.

    Finally, O’Bid announced the city is also working with the Chamber of Commerce to provide them with resources that they can push out through their channels to help small businesses during this crisis.

     Community members should follow these guidelines very closely as well as the CDC’s. By following these guidelines, there’s a chance COVID-19 will pass quickly and not affect too many people. Those who don’t follow these guidelines are risking everyone’s safety, not just theirs. During this time of unknown, the city wanted to make sure this important message gets out the public swiftly.