October 28, 2021
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Cotati Council discusses several topics

By: Paul Matli
October 1, 2021

It was that time again for the Cotati City Council to reconvene and study a variety of topics. These topics ranged from new construction resolution, a resolution from Aloha Volleyball and an adoption related to the multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan.

The two topics that took up the most time were the presentations about Sandell Distribution Warehouse and the new land code. Both resolutions were approved by the council and will be started shortly.

Sandell Distribution Warehouse came on asking for the council to consider a resolution adopting a mitigated negative declaration and the introduction of an ordinance amending the land use code to allow storage. This project would be 54,064 square feet which would be used for moving and storage of portable containers within the Commercial Industrialized zone of 597 Helman Lane (West End of Blodgett Street).

After each council member asked questions and spent time deliberating back and forth the resolution ended up being passed unanimously.

The next ordinance discussed was regarding the land use code to establish multifamily objective design standards and amendments to the multifamily open space standards and resolution to establish telecommunication small cell design guidelines located on private property, public property and within the public right of way.

Some details of the project include objective design standards into Cotati’s zoning opportunities, the city must provide a by-right residential developmental option, indoor portions of the building devoted to recreational and social uses will be 25 percent of the useable open space. There will also be outdoor and solar on site among a few other amenities.

This resolution also passed the council, after again giving them a chance to ask questions and deliberate amongst themselves.

Another amendment which could be seen as unique for a council meeting was something sports related. Usually sports related stuff isn’t discussed during these meetings, but in this case, it was a very good discussion. Aloha Beach Volleyball Club asked for the council to grant them a motion to execute a one-year extendable license agreement between them and the city. This was so Aloha Beach Volleyball Club could use Veterans Memorial Park Sand Volleyball Court for games, practices, etc. The council approved this resolution as well.

The meeting concluded with City Manager Damien O’Bid sharing information on both the city and county, however the audio went down and therefore quotes and discussions by O’Bid were not able to be heard.