October 20, 2021
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Cogir’s Chef hosts residents at the Plaza

  • From left to right: resident Pat Davis, Cogir Cher Annette Cole, resident June Ferguson, resident Lynne Schmitt, and Cogir Cook Ann Jackson seated at the dining table placed at the Rohnert Park Farmers Market by Chef Annette as a special treat to honor residents. Photo by Robert Grant

By: Cassandra May Albaugh
July 16, 2021

The music was rocking with The Sonoma Shakers playing under the tent. The vendors were out with their wares, farm products and food and drink options. The crowd was large with lawn chairs and blankets spaced all around City Center Plaza. The Party on the Plaza was in full force on Friday night July 9 in Rohnert Park. Folks of all ages were enjoying the warm evening festivities. Chef Annette Cole was making sure the residents of Cogir Senior Living in Rohnert Park were included.

Cogir of Rohnert Park located at 4855 Snyder Lane, is an Assisted Living and Independent Living option on the east side of town. Among their amenities are outings and excursions for the residents. One such outing was the brainchild of Cole. She decided “all ages” included the residents of her facility. So assisted by Cogir Cook Ann Jackson, they set up a dinner table on the grass and served selected residents a formal dinner so that they too could enjoy the festivities. Transporting the residents who expressed interest to the Plaza, this is the second time she’s done that. She intends to continue doing so throughout the summer.

Early in the night when I was there, three residents were already present. Pat Davis, a lifelong resident of Sonoma County told me she’d been a resident at Cogir for over three years. June Ferguson, originally from Massachusetts before coming out West has resided there for about two and a half years. Lynne Schmitt came from the South Bay and has been at the residence for about a year and a half. In addition to enjoying their meal, the music, and the crowd; they were able to wander about the plaza looking at the sights. They were certainly noticed as folks talked about the dinner table set-up on social media. There were smiles all about. 

Next Friday, when the Classic Rock Band, The Igniters are on stage, Chef Annette will host another set of residents with a dinner at the Party on the Plaza. Regardless of your age, there’s no reason not to party! If you’re there, consider a smile or a wave or even perhaps a bit of conversation. And be sure to thank Chef Annette for her efforts and great idea.