October 16, 2021
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Climate, housing and new resolution

By: Paul Matli
March 26, 2021

Tuesday night’s Cotati City Council meeting covered two major issues, the on-going climate change and housing crisis. Mayor John Moore and his colleagues heard presentations regarding both of those issues. Both of these topics have been at the forefront of discussion for many years in the state of California.

The meeting started off in normal fashion with the council greeting those in attendance, allowing community members the opportunity to speak if they chose to and then moving onto the main agendas of the night.

Tuesday’s first presentation was done by Leslie Lukacs, Executive Director of Zero Waste Sonoma. Lukacs gave the council a presentation on SB 1383, which is a project designed on reducing short lived climate pollutants in California. SB 1383 passed in 2016 as part of California’s larger effort to combat climate change. This amendment is designed to move the state away from landfilled organic waste because of the methane gas that’s emitted into the atmosphere. The regulations with this project are set to take effect January 1, 2022 and by 2025 the hope is for 75 percent of the landfilled organic waste will be reduced.

California has been the country leader in working to combat climate change, so SB 1383 is another bill designed to do that. 

 The second presentation of the night was done by Noah Housh of the Community Development Organization. It was the 2020 Annual Housing Report. Housh talked about how in December 2020 there were a number of building permits issued, a significant number of projects approved and how there was limited movement on entitled projects.

Housing has been a topic of discussion for the council every meeting, so it is was good to see where the money is being spent and where projects are being built. 

In the wake of rampant anti-Asian violence across the country, Mayor Moore and the council put together a resolution saying the city will stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. This was a last-minute addition to the meeting that was met with great applause from those in attendance.

Finally, City Manager Damien O’Bid shared some information. The county currently is in the red tier and is trending towards being in yellow, but probably has about a month or two to go. Currently the county sits at 5.4 and to get into the yellow tier they must be at 4.0. Vaccination programs are picking back up a bit, but still lacking somewhat because of the supply chain.

The West Sierra Ave. construction project will kick off next week. Another project set to start is the Community Center reroof project. Cotati is hosting Camp Cotati Spring Break this week. There will be a prescription drug drop off Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and for families of little children, this Sunday there will be something called Bunny Brunch to Go event. This event includes pancakes, eggs and the opportunity to take pictures with bunnies.