October 20, 2021
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City of Cotati and Rancho Adobe Fire District partner for fire prevention

May 8, 2020

At the City of Cotati Council meeting on April 28, 2020, the city council approved an ordinance which will assist Rancho Adobe Fire District with their weed abatement program within the City of Cotati.  Currently, the RAFD relies on the county ordinance for weed abatement in unincorporated areas of their district and the State fire code within the City of Cotati.  The ordinance approved by the city council will create a city ordinance that is aligned with the county weed abatement standards, allowing RAFD to use a single standard throughout their district.  This simplifies the task of weed abatement for RAFD, while also creating a more stringent weed abatement standard that will provide a higher level of fire protection for Cotati residents.  The changes will also allow RAFD to use city enforcement tools if land owners don’t mow their high weeds and present a fire risk to their neighbors.  

The ordinance will officially go into effect 30 days following the approval.          

According to City of Cotati Mayor Skillman, “We’re happy to assist the Rancho Adobe Fire District with this program, as we see it as a win-win for our community.  With the recent fires in Sonoma County, partnering on such an important fire prevention program will create a safer Cotati for our residents.”  Rancho Adobe Fire District Battalion Chief Weihman added, “These types of collaboration on such an important issue will streamline our inspection process, and ensure that we can quickly address problems before they become a significant fire risk.”

About the City of Cotati and Rancho Adobe Fire District 

The City of Cotati was incorporated in 1963, and was served by the Cotati Fire Protection District until 1994, when it merged with the Penngrove Fire District to create the Rancho Adobe Fire District.  The Rancho Adobe Fire District serves all fire prevention and fire fighting needs for the district, including the City of Cotati.

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