January 15, 2021
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Cinnabar opens 47th season with “Little Shop of Horrors”

By: Janet and Lanny Lowery
August 23, 2019

Musical comedy in a flower shop introduces a bizarre plant and a strange, socially challenged clerk named Seymour.  Finding an unusual plant following a solar eclipse, he and his fellow workers see an opportunity to draw customers into their failing store by promoting this Venus Flytrap like plant.  

Seymour names the plant Audrey II after an attractive but somewhat flighty clerk that he dotes upon.  He feeds the young plant the only thing that it wants, Seymour’s blood.

Audrey II, placed in the storefront window, grows into a giant, deep throated, blood-sucking carnivore who seeks to conquer the world.  As the plant grows, the store becomes a success and Seymour has everything that he wanted:  fortune, recognition and the love of Audrey.  Can he sacrifice it all to save the world from Audrey II?

Nathan Cummings, who directed Cinnabar’s “Driving Miss Daisy,” leads this cast to create humor and a little horror.  Mary Chun, Cinnabar’s elite musical director, orchestrates the doo wops that accompany this twisted tale.

Michael McGurk, who appeared in “The Music Man” on Broadway and in the premiere of “The Wedding Singer,” and who played in Cinnabar’s “So Nice to Come Home To: A World War II Musical,” stars as Seymour.

Sidney Raey-Gonzales, who majored in theater art at Sacramento State, takes on the role of Audrey, the attractive store clerk.  Michael Pagano serves as the voice of Audrey II.  Aja Gianola-Norris plays Crystal.

Serena Elize Flores continues nonstop performances, this time as Ronnette.  Flores recently played Calpurnia in 6th Street Playhouse’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” and Marianne Angelle in its production of “The Revolutionists.”  Her role as Morticia in Spreckels’ “The Addams Family Musical” was unforgettable.

Olivia Newbold has the role of Chiffon.  And Michael Van Why, who studied music performance at Sonoma State University, plays Mr. Mushnik.  Keith Baker, recent star of Spreckels’ “Hamlet,” takes on the part of Orin Scrivello.

Once again, Cinnabar Theater presents a fine and fun musical show filled with talented actors and musical performers.  For tickets call:  707-763-8920 or go online:  cinnabartheater.org.  “The Little Shop of Horrors” opens Aug. 30 and runs through Sept. 22.