October 16, 2021
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Cannabis cultivation and more projects

By: Paul Matli
August 30, 2019

For Cotati residents who have attended a city hall meeting they know the length can vary. Some can be 2 hours, 90 minutes or less than 40 minutes; which was the case Tuesday night. Just because the meeting was short doesn’t mean the council didn’t accomplish what they set out to do.

The meeting started off with the introduction and swearing in of Police Officer Jerry Cunningham. After that wrap up the council members got into the agenda portion of the evening.

In this case there was only one item up for discussion. The item was Fog City Farms asking the council to adopt resolution approving operation of a commercial cannabis cultivation facility with a maximum cultivation canopy of 22,000. If approved the area would be located on 361 Blodgett St. in the Commercial/Industrial Zoning district.

Mayor John Dell’Osso and the council were very impressed with how thorough this presentation was and didn’t have any objections to the project passing it with a 4-0 vote.

Of course, council members did have the opportunity to ask questions. Councilwoman Susan Harvey had questions about the security of the cannabis cultivation areas, since the building is filled with tons of windows. She was curious if the product would remain safe from break ins. Her next question focused on wage benefits for the workers. She was very impressed with the wages Fog City Farms pay their employees and she wanted some detail on what full time benefits were offered for the workers.

Both of the answers Harvey received satisfied her and she joined the rest of the council in voting to pass the resolution.

Like every resolution, the council gave community members the opportunity to speak about it.  

All community members in attendance approved of the project and wanted it passed. Though they had some objections to some of the comments made by one of the council members. A lively five- or so-minute discussion ensued following the community members comments.

After the resolution passed, the city manager gave a run down on some events happening. These mostly focused on the closing of Old Redwood Highway and East Cotati Ave because of road construction and projects the council already approved are starting to be worked on. 

He also mentioned how the recreation department is teaming up with parents and students of Rancho Cotate High School on a couple of projects throughout the school year. Some other events he listed were about the last farmers’ market and movie nights of 2019. The last Farmers’ Market is this coming Thurs. and Fri., Sept. 13th, is the last movie night of the year, the movie shown will be Lego Movie 2. Finally, he said to expect the fall winter activity guide to be out late September.

Mayor Dell’Osso and the rest of the council made statements about some upcoming events and then the meeting wrapped up. Tuesday’s meeting was on the shorter end as it lasted just under 40 minutes, though it was short the council accomplished everything they wanted too. 

For those community members who have something to share with the council the meetings are open to anyone, so just show up to City Hall in Cotati, the council will love to hear from you. The next meeting is Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. As with every meeting, it’s unclear what will be on the agenda, but community members can attend if they want to listen in and maybe want to know where some of the projects, they see around town originate from.