July 16, 2020
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CPI North Bay fire recovery

September 14, 2018

Last October’s fires impacted our entire community.  Many people are still recovering from the trauma of losing their homes or businesses. Children who lost their homes are particularly vulnerable, and can greatly benefit from parental guidance and support. 

CPI continues to offer Parenting Through Recovery from North Bay Fires. These groups are free of charge and meet every other Friday at 9 a.m. at the Child Parent Institute.  They are offered on a drop-in basis, and no pre-registration is necessary. In an environment with others who have also lost their homes, parents have been receiving support and learning valuable strategies. The group provides a forum for parents to process their own experiences and to share insights about guiding their children as they recover from the fires.  Research across many natural disasters has demonstrated that as parents become more resilient, they are better able to foster resilience in their children.  

Whether or not you decide to attend these classes, we’d like to provide you with some thoughts and tips that might help.  

There is no “right” way to go about recovering from losing your home.  Each person had a different experience during the fires and their aftermath. Each person will have their own individual way of navigating recovery. While many people were deeply shaken by the fires, adults and children who saw flames, particularly if the fire was very close and evacuation was urgent, might take longer to recover.  Recovery for children or adults who have experienced other trauma in their lives might also take longer.  Try to be patient with yourself, with your friends, and with family members.  Recovery takes time.