October 16, 2021
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Breakfast for evacuees

  • Petaluma EDS team members Tony Kamby, Safety lead, Cory Gonzales, kitchen lead and a volunteer from Santa Rosa EDS preparing breakfast for Sunday morning. Picture and report by David Adams, EDS response team

By: David Adams, EDS response team
August 28, 2020

Petaluma Salvation Army responded to the county’s request to be prepared to serve evacuees at the Petaluma Veterans Building. Supplying food for the meals and also preparing it for the evacuees were the REDS trained teams of Petaluma and Santa Rosa. TSA also provided water and snacks for evacuees to stop in and take on their travels to family and friends.

The call came in on Saturday night to be ready. Following the CDC protocols TSA prepared fifty meals for the staff of the Vets Hall and evacuees. 

After dinner on Sunday, the county placed the Petaluma Vets building on standby. No plans as of Monday for the need to reopen at this stage of the disaster. Petaluma TSA volunteers are all on standby to reopen the Vets Hall when notified by the county.