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August 6, 2020
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Black is beautiful!

By: Mickey Zeldes
November 9, 2018

Black coloring is a dominant gene in animals. That’s why in any litter where there is one black parent so many of the offspring are black or predominately black. Black cats are not a distinct breed, it is just a color and most breeds can come in that color. Interestingly, usually by this time in Nov., all we have left are black kittens. Everything with any color – all the Siamese-type, tabbies and calicos have been adopted and the remaining kittens are all black. This year, again, we have a lot of black kittens and cats of every type - long hairs, short hairs, some with a bit of white – but it’s a very dark shelter.

The black cat has been ostracized and cursed for centuries. They were believed to be associated with the occult and during the days of the witch hunts, black cats were ordered killed on sight. Everyone has probably heard the superstition that if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck. Google ‘black cat superstitions’ and you can read story after story of how black cats came to be viewed as both lucky and unlucky depending on the time in history and in the country they found themselves. It’s all quite fascinating, and sad for the felines that had nothing to do with the fears circulating about them. Fortunately, few people believe any of the myths about black cats nowadays, but judging from the number of black cats currently at the shelter, their luck hasn’t really changed.

Let’s bring back the slogan “black is beautiful!” Black goes with every color scheme in a home, black cats are the least likely to suffer from skin cancers and they are not going to show dirt very easily. There are lots of reasons to adopt a black cat! It’s very slimming to hold a black cat, Black goes with every décor and black never goes out of style. Sure, they are the most at risk at night because they can’t be seen. But all cats should be inside at night to be safe.

We are holding a special “black is beautiful” adoption special this weekend, Nov. 10 and 1l. All predominantly (50 percent +) black animals will be half price! In addition to our black cats, that would include Phillip, our black bunny and Ivy, a heeler-mix, and Apollo, a black shepherd that also qualify. Black animals are just like all others and can be sweet, playful, affectionate, silly, rambunctious, shy or confident. Come by this weekend and meet our special house panthers, Willy, Raven, Ariel, Cosmo, Bitty and Binx and take one home at a discount!

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Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at