September 18, 2020
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Back to basics

By: Dawn Dolan
May 17, 2019

Have you noticed how often we hear in the news that there is some epidemic of some disease going around such as the flu or measles?  Does it create fear for you?  Does it create fear in you for your children or older relatives?  Do you ever wonder why the illnesses that we all had as children and were just a normal part of growing up are now being seen as lethal? Are you counting on immunizations such as the flu shot or the MMR vaccine to protect you from getting these now dreaded diseases?  Depending on whose statistics you are looking at, you will see varying rates describing both how dangerous or not dangerous these diseases have been at different times in the past and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the shots in preventing these diseases.  Factors such as living conditions and hygiene have affected outcomes.  Factors such as whether the report is based on absolute risk or relative risk will drastically change the percentages reported both for good or ill.  What is a person to think?

Are you old enough to have heard your parents or grandparents talking about how it was when they grew up?  If it was winter season or if you were beginning to experience any symptoms of illness at any time of year, out came the teaspoon of cod liver oil headed straight your way – no choosing whether you took it or not.  And – it was NOT lemon-flavored then!  If you had chest congestion, some kind of heat producing ointment was smeared on your chest and you were wrapped tightly in heavy blankets and sweated it out for a day or two.  Every family had their own favorite remedies.

Now we have lots of evidence that taking the correct combinations of good quality vitamins and minerals will definitely boost your innate immune system.  All local grocery stores have a plethora of these items to choose from and often stock some excellent brands.  Regardless of whether you are choosing to immunize or not, it is always a good idea to strengthen your body from the inside with good food choices, good quality water, proper exercise to suit your body and, perhaps most importantly, let your mind dwell on loving good thoughts every day.

Dawn Dolan, MA, ACN is an advocate for integrative healthcare, consulting with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, body workers, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals. She can be reached by email at