January 20, 2021
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Apply or renew Covered Ca. Health insurance by Jan. 15

December 28, 2018

Apply for or renew Covered California health insurance coverage before the open enrollment period closes Jan. 15, 2019.

Individuals and families can buy or renew brand-name private health insurance through Covered California under the federal Patient Protection an Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, during the annual open enrollment period. However, residents who have a certain life changes (such as marriage or the birth of a child) during other times of the year can apply to Covered California anytime. Federally-recognized American Indians or Alaska Natives are eligible to apply any time of the year.

While any resident can buy health insurance through Covered California, eligibility for financial aid to help pay for a plan is based on household size and income.

Since once many residents applying for Covered California find they are eligible for low-or no=cost health insurance through Medi-Cal, Medi-Cal and Covered California use the same application. Applications for Medi-Cal are accepted year-round.

To apply for Covered California

To apply for Covered California, one type of government identification (driver’s license or another ID) is needed.

To apply or renew, fill out an online application on the Covered California website or call 800-300-1506.

To get in-person help to apply at Economic Assistance, 2550 Paulin Dr., Santa Rosa or Human Services South County Center, 5350 Old Redwood Hwy., Suite 100, Petaluma or a no-cost Certified Enrollment Counselor at one of many community locations around Sonoma County, including the Redwood Community Health Center at 707-565-4471.

To Renew Covered California

Residents who take no action to actively renew or change plans will automatically be enrolled into the plan they had the previous year.

Residents who renew Covered California coverage may find that plan options and rates have changed and they may qualify for different plans or amount of financial help. changes or shifts in household size and income can also affect coverage.

Submitted by SC Human Services Dept.