September 27, 2020
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Another tough break for roller derby

  • Micheal Baker Photography

By: David Rheinhart
September 28, 2018

By David Rheinhart

It was another tough break for the Resurrection Roller Girls Saturday, Sept. 22nd when they failed to overcome the Quad City Derby Bombshells, 129-197, at Cal Skate. 

The season hasn’t been kind to Resurrection. They’ve lost their last couple of games by a wide margin thanks to a few departures that have left the team scrambling to stabilize. Their boot camp over the summer brought a few fresh players in, but new blood always takes a little while to circulate. 

Still, their opponent’s margin of victory is getting smaller. That by itself can count as a win. 

“I feel like we played our best game all season,” said Resurrection coach, Kaley Mounts. “We went through last year changing skaters. We were...reborn like the phoenix. Getting to a place where all of our newbies were effective was a big deal. I feel nothing but positivity.”

The game kicked off with Resurrection jammer, Samantha Bolinger, pushing past the Bombshell’s blockers to grab the lead jammer position. She lapped the entire Bombshell team nearly three times for an early lead, but on the final go around, Bolinger slammed into the Bombshell’s jammer, Justine Green, and fouled out. This gave Greene free reign to skate circles around Resurrection. The Bombshells ended the jam slightly ahead. 

“This is the first time we’ve broken 100 points all season. We’ve been working really, really hard,” Bolinger said. “Everyone comes to practice three times a week and we trust each other. When someone yells something we listen because we know that person has our back. We’re better together than by ourselves.”

The game stayed competitive through the rest of the first and part of the second half. Gains were incremental on either side. Five points here, ten points there—both teams seemed to probe the other for weakness. 

The Bombshells found it when three of Resurrection blockers landed themselves in the penalty box all at once. With only a couple of skaters left on the rink, there was little Resurrection could do to stop Bombshell jammer, Dominique Nowak, from running up the scoreboard. Still, they tried. Resurrection kept Nowak within a dozen points for the jam. 

The true break for the Bombshells came when their jammer, Sydnie Quinones, found a gap in the Resurrection defense. She slid around the outside of the rink like the wind itself, flowing back and forth through the melee that clustered about the center of the ring. Quinones extended the Bombshell’s lead in that jam until it lay far beyond Resurrection’s reach. 

“I actually just got into derby a year ago, but I’ve watched it since I was 13,” Quinones said. “The girls are so friendly. When you’re playing, everyone is so welcoming. When I first came on I didn’t even know how to skate, but they were all so encouraging. I really like the positivity.”

Resurrection’s last game of the season will take place at Cal Skate Oct. 27th. They go up against Woodland Area Roller Derby.