September 24, 2021
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Another long evening at Cotati City council

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 25, 2019

Since many of the items that were on the Cotati City Council agenda with only acronyms, the common lay person had to follow the docket very closely. 

It was recommended that the city council adopt a motion to have the city manager approve the purchase of a police patrol vehicle and another one of the community services officers. 

The city council had adopted a budget of $71,000 for the purchase and the upfitting of the vehicles. 

Former councilmember George Barich stated that he thought $71,000 was an excessive amount for a vehicle however Councilmember Mark Landman also thought that if you outfit an old 1964 Volvo with all of the fancy radios, etc. that amount would also exceed the $71,000.

The city is continuing to cycle out the other vehicles that have reached the end of their service life which would also reduce maintenance costs and improve safety. The city council did approve the purchase of the vehicles so Cotati citizens can expect new police cars driving through the city.

A new housing development, Kessing Ranch, on the corner of Valparaiso and Old Redwood Highway was approved for seven houses for sale with affordable housing units within the 47-unit development. The project conditions of approval require that two are for very low, two for low and three for moderate income affordable housing units which totals the seven.

The City of Cotati is currently in the last stages of completing the Parks Capital Plan which includes a very large improvement plan for the $200,00 grant for Kotate Park playground.

The city’s five-year pavement capital improvement program was approved. The CIP shows the planned paving projects will be rolled into the overall capital improvement program early next year ahead of the budget. The city also approved the extended design review for the Cotati Station Apartments project which is a 74-unit project next to Cotati’s SMART train station.