January 24, 2021
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All fireworks are unlawful in Cotati, even safe and sane fireworks

July 3, 2020

Per Cotati Municipal Code 9:30 it is unlawful for any person to possess, store, offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail or use or explode any fireworks. You may be charged with a misdemeanor for using fireworks.

Fireworks can cause structure and grass fires which is a public safety concern. Additionally fireworks frighten the pets making the runaway dangerous for our animals too.

Cotati Police officers will be issuing citations for those caught discharging any fireworks in our jurisdiction.

Please respect your neighbors and their pets by obeying this law intended to protect our community from dangerous fires.

If you witness someone discharging fireworks please call police dispatch at 792-4611, you may remain anonymous.