September 26, 2021
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All about the roads

By: Paul Matli
July 26, 2019

In a relatively quiet and empty Cotati City Hall, Tuesday’s meeting consisted of one very simple theme, infrastructure. This meeting centered on Ghilotti Construction and Ghilotti Brothers asking for contracts to work on projects which include East Cotati Avenue. Next was a discussion about whether to award a resolution to Argonaut Constructors with over 2 million dollars for projects.

Both of these topics featured discussions from audience members and the council deliberating with pointed questions. Regarding Ghilotti Inc, Councilwoman Susan Harvey took particular interest. She was concerned about how many delays there would be on East Cotati Avenue. This was a valid concern considering how many high school and college students use the roads. Harvey also wondered when the project would start and when he sees the project being completed. Councilmember Mark Landman was more concerned about the money aspect. He asked Ghilotti Inc. how close the proposed estimate is to the actual cost.

After some discussion among the panel, the resolution passed with a 4-0 vote. This means Ghilotti Inc. will start working on their new project shortly.

The next resolution up for debate was the award of the construction contract for the 2019 street construction and improvements project. 

This resolution was met with a little more skepticism from the public and even Councilmember Landman because of the history the City of Cotati has with Argonaut Constructors. The community members in attendance felt like Argonaut Constructors didn’t get the job done last time and we shouldn’t invest any more money with them. ‘Why should we give them a second chance?’ was one of the questions.

Councilmember Landman, Harvey and Mayor John Dell’Osso were a little more skeptical of this resolution. Harvey’s question was simple; what will be different this time around regarding Argonaut to avoid the same problems happening again?

Dell’Osso said he was hopeful  this time would be better, and Landman was willing to give Argonaut a second chance to perform this project.

 Though the council had a little more questions about this resolution they still moved forward with it in a 4-0 vote.

The rest of the meeting focused on the city manager giving his update, members of the council talking about some upcoming events and reflecting on Cotati Kids Day. Also, Noah Hoursh was introduced as the new Director of Community Development.

Hoursh didn’t have much to say since he’s brand new, but he did mention two projects upcoming on August 5th and August 17th.

 “Both projects are developments in Western Cotati, adjacent to Lowes,” Hoursh said. “So, if anyone is interested come out to the meetings.”

Damian O’ Bid, the City Manager, took the time to speak about two street paving contracts the city awarded.

“We are spending 3.6 million in paving work, which represents about 53 percent of the general fund,” O’ Bid said.   

According to O’ Bid, the city and the city council have invested in a five-year plan centered around paving the roads of Cotati. O’ Bid hopes after these five years are up the roads will be in perfect condition.

 As for the closed session, Mayor Dell’Osso didn’t have anything of significance to report out. For community members wanting to attend the next meeting and have their voice heard, it’s unclear what will be on the agenda, but the next meeting is Aug. 13.