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September 19, 2020
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A spirited heart with compassion

  • Julie Ann Soukoulis

By: Irene Hilsendager
November 1, 2019

As you walk into the front door of the Home Instead Senior Care office at 6040 Commerce Blvd., you will see a smiling receptionist and coming down the hallway is a very attractive, smiling and bubbly person named Julie Ann Soukoulis.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father who is now deceased, was a first-generation Irish Catholic and her mother was a second-generation Catholic Italian. Julie Ann is very proud of her heritage and no wonder beauty is abundant with such ancestors.

Julie Ann attended San Francisco Mission Delores School and Mercy High, then being so family oriented, she married young and started her small family.

She worked as a cosmetologist, fixing and setting senior’s hair and wigs. She loved working with elderly ladies and became a sort of curator of memories. Julie Ann also was an EMT flight attendant.

Soukoulis lived in Daly City and through her friend’s advice, she looked into starting a special business that she could advocate for seniors.

Julie Ann loves what she does and it is a blessed experience and calls herself a “serpa” of elder care. She loves to conduct seminars, as she relates to seniors with small little tasks, such as balancing a checkbook, gives advice on dementia and even medical cannabis. She attends many conventions that she can bring back very important information that pertains to her business, Home Instead Senior Care and community. 

Julie Ann tells the story of grandpa falling and breaking a hip and how would the family take care of him while they all held outside jobs. Since she has such compassion, it took nearly a year for her to be convinced that she should start a business of advocating for seniors. She said, “I started from nothing in Marin, but my compassion and humanities pushed me forward.”

Julie Ann has since remarried and purchased a home in Pittsburg that is put aside for their retirement years.

Soukoulis says her employees, the caregivers, are all registered in the state of California and listed in the 2016 Ca. registry. The business is also enrolled as a licensed home care agency. 

Some of the employees need a little training as many registered nurses immigrate here and then get infield training. Many are taught to qualifiy and learn how to enter clients’ homes, maintain relationships and diagnose as to what assistance can be given to the patron. 

Julie Ann says, “we provide home care, so the elders can stay in their homes.” Some clients only need care several times a week or it can be set up to do 24/7 and decide how much care is really needed.

Soukoulis says she loves to go to “lobby” days in Sacramento to champion for elder patients’ rights.

The Home Instead Senior Care agency match their clients with common things, caregivers have background and fingerprint checks, have to be registered in the state of Ca. and are insured and bonded.