July 2, 2020
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A new student center in RP

  • Photo by Robert Grant

March 15, 2019

Kristi Schuetz, Linsee and Sean Sage, board members of On Campus Ministries, are in front of the sponsors’ wall in the future home of Squatch’s Coffee and Ice-cream Sandwich shop. All the proceeds from Squatch’s will go toward the Sozo Student Center, which is located right next door. The names of businesses or individuals who “Sponsor” the Student Center have their names added to the wall and receive various benefits in the coffee shop dependent on the level of sponsorship. Interested parties may contact them via the contact link on their Web Site: or by sending email to 

Sozo Student Center is a new project located in Rohnert Park inside the University Shopping Center where it will create something new for RP. This center is something the kids from the area need. Sozo Student Center is a non-profit coffee and ice cream business that funds and hosts a safe place for the young folks in the area.

Many resources are available at the student center such as helping the students make resumes, computer labs for homework and further create a place where the young can connect with caring adults.

The vision and goals of Sozo Student Center are relationships, resources and recreation. Businesses and individuals who wish to sponsor may have their names added to the wall. For more information, contact