September 17, 2021
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A child of a divorced family

By: Savannah Ashley
July 9, 2021

For every 1,000 marriages, 15 end in divorce. That may not seem like a lot, but for the eight billion individuals world-wide, it adds up quickly. Now think about the children of those individuals. With the average number of kids per family being two, that number doubles for the children. I, myself am among those numbers, as well as my siblings, biological or not. Today I’m going to share what my experience has been like coming from my perspective as the child of a divorced family. 

My parents got divorced when my brother and I were little. He had just turned 4 and I was about 5 and a half. At first it was incredibly hard, we had always relied on our parents as one and not separately. After a while we grew to get the hang of the shared schedule. We’re lucky that we never had to worry about full custody with one of the parents, since both parents were capable of caring for themselves and us. 

Words like “court” and “custody battle” scare me, especially as I get older, and more understanding of what could happen. When my parents find a significant other that they are confident in, it's about us too I’ve learned. We have to like them enough, trust them enough, and they have to like kids or be willing to spare their time with us, as well as say and do appropriate things, which can be hard, because not all people want to find relationships with kids. 

There’s a lot that goes into a divorce, especially with kids. My advice to anyone who is thinking of getting one and might have kids, please make sure your kids are comfortable at some sort of level. Of course, the process will be everything but comfortable, but a foundation and a support system will better affect your child than not. But don’t look at us like we’re victims, because most of us aren’t. We just have one more experience to share with our peers. 

Whether we admit it or not, we kids need some sort of boundary and foundation to sustain life more successfully. Maybe you have some divorce stories that are appropriate, that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them. My email is


Savannah Ashley is a local middle schooler who has an enthusiasm for mountain biking, rock climbing, writing, art, science, sports and animals. One day she hopes to be a forensic scientist. She started writing for the local newspaper to spark an interest in the minds of adolescents. She has taken part in 4-H for a total of five years in the past. She knows what loss feels like and she can accept it. You can expect articles that include news and any other information broken down in a way to make parents more comfortable to let their kids read. She hopes for you, and other readers to enjoy what she has to offer, and that you share her articles with those who may be interested. You can contact her at any time with questions or comments at: