August 13, 2020
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A New Coalition: Forming alliances for barn owls

March 1, 2019

BOMP has been a critically important program within Sonoma County.  Through our efforts we have been able to: Encourage natural rodent control

Help barn owls thrive by providing safe nesting boxes

Provide a revenue stream to support our charity work of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation 

Build mutually beneficial relationships with the agricultural industry

Further the goal of sustainable living in partnership with wildlife

Help educate our community on the challenges barn owls face and how they can help

When BOMP was founded six years ago, we knew the program would be valuable to our community of Sonoma County.  Private residents and large vineyards alike have opted in and placed our boxes on their property, effectively controlling rodent populations without the use of harsh chemicals or other methods destructive to our ecology.  It wasn’t always easy, though. It was through trial and error, long days in the field, and lots of wiping sweat from our brow that we’ve managed to structure BOMP into what it is today.

Now, after seeing the success of BOMP in our own Sonoma County, we are excited to announce that Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue will be founding the “BOMP Coalition Project.”  This coalition will help facilitate other licensed, non-profit wildlife centers create their own BOMP programs.  We are thrilled to share the wealth of information we have gathered since the beginning of BOMP, so that other organizations can further educate their own counties and communities. 


Sonoma Wildlife Rescue